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Student Spotlight

Corinne Creio '24: Growing Into a New Career Path at FSC

Corinne Creio 24

For plant lover and Horticulture student Corinne Creio, growing and nurturing are nothing new. The lifelong Long Islander and current Islip Terrace resident cares for two young children, a small flock of chickens, and a lone backyard turkey alongside her favorite garden fruits and vegetables.

“I’ve worked in hospitality and customer service for most of my life, and also attained a nursing degree 8 years ago, but neither occupation was my true passion,” explains Corinne. “I was familiar with the fact that FSC had a horticulture program. I started with one class in the spring of 2020 and on my very first night I instantly knew I had found the right place; I looked around and thought ‘These are my people!’”

Corinne has since thrived in the Department of Urban Horticulture Design and is a highly deserving recipient of the 2020 Three Village Garden Club Scholarship. Professors tout her stellar academic performance and creativity in the design studio. In addition, Corinne’s volunteer assistance during the May 2021 Plant Sale was instrumental in the success of the Foundation fundraiser.

After completing her bachelor’s degree at FSC, Corinne would like to focus on a career that combines sustainable design with the outreach of public gardens.  She also aspires to further her education and pursue a landscape architect degree in the future.

All of this could not occur without the Foundation’s scholarship support. Says Corinne: “Receiving the Three Village Garden Club Scholarship enables me to do my studies full- time while staying home to be the primary caretaker of my two children. It has given me (and my family) some breathing room and extra motivation. I would like to thank Joan Roehrig and all of the members of the Three Village Garden Club for granting me such a generous gift. I hope I can continue to demonstrate that I was worthy of the investment, and that I am able to pay the kindness forward.” 

Learn more about ways you can support other FSC students like Corrine through the Farmingdale Foundation website. 

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