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Sal Ferro '84: Building Success and Giving Back

The New Ferro Family Scholarship Will Support Farmingdale Business Students

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Salvatore Ferro’s old life stopped and new life began in November 1981. During his first semester at Farmingdale State College, Ferro’s father passed away when a drunk driver hit his car. With a widowed mother and three younger siblings at home (his older brother had also passed away in a car accident some years earlier), Ferro had to drop out to help take care of his family and work full time in construction. 

But the following year, the call of college and higher education motivated him to re-enroll. It would be harder the second time around with greater need for financial assistance. Fortunately, Farmingdale’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) was there for him, and he enrolled in the business administration program. “It was life-changing because...I went from quitting college to have two years of being on the dean’s list, the honor roll, president of the business club, and homecoming king.” And he managed to do all of that while continuing to work in construction on the weekends and selling clothing at night.

As a business administration student he laid the groundwork for his future success. Today, he’s the president and CEO of Alure Home Improvements on Long Island where he continues to apply the lessons he learned at Farmingdale. He also supports local families, students, senior citizens, and veterans through a variety of charitable endeavors, including through the business; the Alure team has appeared on the popular TV show “Extreme Home Makeover” eight times. “It’s important to give back in the community that you work and live in,” Ferro believes. “If you can give back in the community and make a difference in a positive way, that’s success.”

Sal Ferro at work2He also gives back through a private foundation he created called the Ferro Foundation, through personal philanthropy with his wife Molly, and by serving on the FSC Foundation board, thanks to an invitation from former Foundation Vice President Dr. Henry Sikorski who helped to re-engage Ferro in the life of the college. The two became friends, and Sikorski is now a member of the Ferro Foundation board. Over the years, Ferro has supported the college in other ways, including a $2,500 gift in 2019 to provide textbooks for students who cannot afford them.

 “I give back to Farmingdale because they give back to me,” he explains. “Give” is a carefully-chosen, present-tense word. “I believe Farmingdale plays a huge role in the region,” Ferro says. “It’s really playing an important role in giving Long Island a workforce.” He credits Past President W. Hubert Keen for elevating the school’s reputation and academics and adds, “Now, President John Nader is continuing that effort. We are so fortunate to have had these two gentlemen. They inspire me to want to do good things for Farmingdale College.”

The feeling is mutual. President Nader says, “Sal is not only an exemplary alum, he is a remarkable citizen whose generosity has touched many people and places across Long Island. We're proud and grateful for his leadership and support with his most recent heartfelt gift.”

That gift is a $50,000 contribution made in May to create The Ferro Family Scholarship, an endowed fund. “I’d like to provide an opportunity that each and every year can support a student in some way. The EOP helped provide funding I needed to go to school. I look back at that, and without all that, I wouldn’t be here today.”


Sal Ferro's Advice

Ferro’s advice to business students is, “Read a lot. The difference in your education and your awareness and your mind when you start reading is ridiculous. Reading changes everything. Not just books...I’m talking about things that will allow you to know what’s going on in the world. The more you know about what’s going on in the world, the more you understand what’s going on in the business world, the more you’re ready to be part of it.” 

Top 3 Business Book Recommendations:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Kenneth Blanchard

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson




President Nader and Sal, with Carol Sung '23. Sung is the current recipient of the Sal Ferro Scholarship. Sung, an Interaction Design major, wrote a thank you note to Ferrro that read: "Thanks to you and this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on my education. Your generosity has inspired me to continue working hard and to help the community. I hope one day I can continue helping and inspiring students just like you have."



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