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All in the Ramily

Thank you to our generous Faculty and Staff who embrace the importance of philanthropy at FSC and actively support the Farmingdale Fund.   FSC is committed to providing a quality, affordable education for our students. Your contributions to The Farmingdale Fund help make that possible by providing scholarships, enhancing programs, and supporting our faculty, staff, and students. We are grateful for you!


Charles N. Adair

Christina M. Archipolo

Anne Marie Armstrong

Rita Austin

Solomon Ayo

Barbara Ayo

Thomas F. Azzara

Amitabha Bandyopadhyay

Ellen D. Bartley

Andrew Berger

Henry Bojack

Jeffrey Borah

Karen S. Bottalico

Lisa R. Brieff

Christopher M. Browne

Faith A. Calabria

Michael Canders

Jeffrey S. Carter

Mary P. Caulfield

Kas Carey

Alexander A. Caviedes

Lucia Cepriano

Judith M. Cestaro

Rodolfo G. Chacon

Sean E. Chamberlain

Erica L. Chase

Dandan Chen

Barbara L. Christe

Dolores Ciaccio

Matthew Colson

Susan L. Conforti

Karen Contino

Evan Cooper

Karen Coutrier

Assunta Cuttone

Angela Danzi

Luisa Dattoma

Jessica E. Dautner

Lester H. Davidoff

Chiara De Santi

MaryEllen DeCicco

Gerard T. DeFeo

Jessica M. Durso

Suzanne T. Elie

Deanna E. Ellis

Lane S. Ellis

Carolyn Fedder

George Fernandez

Jennie Fiocca

Keri L. Franklin

Bryan Garcia

Karen A. Gelles

Jonathan M. Goldstein

Michael Goodstone

Maxine A. Greenidge

Sarah Gross

James T. Hall

Tory T. Hare

Arlene Haynesworth

Robert Hoffman

Stephen Hooghuis

Arthur Hoskey

Marya Howell-Carter

Dorothy M. Hughes

Richard Hume

Yue Hung

Ahmed Ibrahim

Mimi M. Johnson

Missy Johnston

Angela Jones

Kevin D. Jordan

Marla F. Jorgensen

Laura M. Joseph

Charles Kalinowski

Supriyo Karmakar

Agata K. Knapp

Kathy E. Kollar

Eugene Kwak

Christopher LaBarbera

Joanne B. Lapidus-Graham

Christine M. LaPlace

Babette Lasky

Jonathan M. Lehrer

Martin I. Lewison

Jie Li

Luis A. Llano

Orla M. LoPiccolo

Saundra B. Lory-Snyder

Kathryn L. Machin

Chris Maio

Lloyd Makarowitz

Christopher Malone

Dimitrios Maltezos

Ryan A. Mannix

Carlos A. Marques

Lynn Marsh

Darleyne E. Mayers

Marybeth D. McCloskey

Nicholas A. Menchyk

Lukas H. Miedreich

Nicole M. Miller

Charles Miranda

Kevin W. Murphy

John S. Nader

Louise Napolitano-Carman

Marian Nelson

Maria Nikolaidou

Ann B. Noss

Gregory W. O'Connor

Volvick Osse

Gregory A. Papadopoulos

Kimberly Parris

Marguerite Pawlowski

Elizabeth A. Pennino

Margaret Pettit

Fatoma Rad

Jeanne A. Radigan

Michael Raffanello

Monique J. Ramos

Frank Rampello

Maria A. Randazzo-Davis

Paula Renda

Linda M. Rennie

Carol Rivera

Paul D. Romano

Maia Roseval

Gary Rupp

Terence G. Ryan

Denny G. Ryman

Louis Scala

Edward C. Schacher

Samantha Schena

Jack W. Simonson

Sarbjit Singh

Nancy J. Smithwick

Tamara Sooknauth

Jeanne Soto

Bill Steedle

Diane Steinhauer

Ira Stolzenberg

Dominic C. Suhovsky

Hazem Tawfik

Caitlyn Urban

Joan Urbanowski

Kathleen A. Valentino

Rena M. Varghese

Mary V. Villani

Eugenio P. Villarreal

Nanda K. Viswanathan

Richard M. Vogel

Jonas Wagner

Deana Ward

Thomas Ward

Joseph A. Waterhouse

Ryan Williams

Annette Y. Wyche

Theresa Zahor

Amy D. Zambrana

Raymond J. Zdrodowski

Bahar Zoghi

Mohamad Zoghi Moghadam

*Donations received as of January 2024


Development & Alumni Engagement

The Office for Development and Alumni Engagement works closely with the Farmingdale College Foundation – raising and managing critical philanthropic dollars for the College, cultivating meaningful relationships with donors, corporate partners and community friends – and the Farmingdale Alumni Association, keeping our 100,000 alumni informed, engaged, proud, and supportive of the College, strengthening their lifelong connection to FSC students and each other.

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